Biomimicry on Ornaments of Prosperity

Pine Cone Model Sketch

The ornaments or prosperity is one of our first ornament designs. We have focused on completely designing and developing pine cone, artichoke and pineapple ornaments by using biomimicry for the collection and started using them on our designs. 

There are various reasons for selecting each one but in common they have rigid symbolic connections with cultures, religions and norms all around the World. Despite the fact of they all have different stories in different locations, the general meaning of them are similar to each other. 

Pienapple Design Sketch

In order to provide you an example of our findings, let's take look into to the notorious tropical fruit of Pineapple. Pineapple itself have additional meanings in East Coast and West Coast of United States. Savannah city in Georgia is one of the oldest cities in the USA and kept in tact during the civil war. We have found out pineapple ornaments, statues at the entrances of manors and houses which was used to symbolise welcoming, a sign of hospitality by displaying this tropical refreshing fruit.

Pineapple also means to look tall, show yourself, standout and be proud. An interesting approach that we have found out on the West Coast of United States. Probably a more original appraoch from Hawaii. 

The similar additional meanings were spotted for pinecone and artichoke in West and East Europe. Prosperity, fruitfulness, wealth, welcoming, richness in physical & spiritual and luck are the common meanings that we have found out through research. This only concluded our first part of the design scope. 

The most important part was to completely redesign them in our own design perspective. Sketched from ground by examining the structure of each and modelled by carrying the golden ratio properties. A complete approach to biomimicry, respecting and studying the nature's forms and looking to add our own touch into the mixture. 

Artichoke Model Sketch

Our intention was not to change the overall perception in general but add our own design values. In close look of details you will find out that they are very different in comparison to the nature's. They just carry what is essential to be perceived as is. Our own intelligence mapping auto corrects their form in our mind which results in same perception and you will say they are pinecone, artichoke and pineapple ornaments but they are actually not even close to one's nature provides. 

We also applied different manufacturing techniques especially in casting to create an organic look. Some of the parts of small ornaments were prototyped very thin( tip of the leaves) in order to change form in the casting process. Each casting created differentiation on each ornament. 

Pine Cone 3D Model View

This is the story and design idea behind our ornaments of prosperity designs. Hope you enjoyed reading our blog. Make sure to follow us to find out other experimental design journeys that we are going through.

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