The Background

The idea to design Favri collection came from one of our contextual researches for the field of interior design. We were examining a couple of interior designers while they were doing ''touching'' (decorating) service to a couple of residential clients. In all of the cases the demand of clients to fill the newly designed space versus the interior designer's desperate approach to find a balance in product selection came to our attention.


Our observation led us consider the idea of a fulfilment. How and when to achieve this subjective term for a newly designed & empty surface?  How can we apply less is more as a philosophy and create spaces but also have the perception of a completed decoration?

 We have observed to come up with a statement: ''if an artefact has an emotional value attached to it by the owner then it has the authority to create a space around it.'' Original artworks, very important images of our valued memories have that ideally. They just have the best corner, wall, best visible location without any obstruction of other objects. The emotional connection is the essence of this hierarchy.

 We started searching about forms and products that can quickly create a connection and decided on targeting candle products which also aids us with emotional connection through scent. Candles are so far a must in most of the ''touching'' services.



The Design

Our iconic ''ornaments of prosperity'' reflects the core brand values with a deep background which we cannot emphasize enough. A design involving them in larger proportions made up our mind. Candle base design played a vital role in overall form. The base had to be humble, smooth and minimal to create space for the ornament.

Selecting the material to execute form was challenging however the best result came from using metal-ware instead of earthenware for this project. We have decided to use fine copper with 5 different plating options. Silver Plated, Brass, Copper, Nickel Plated and a new addition of Dark Nickel Plating. Favri collection have 60 different variations making it very versatile to be used in different spaces.

Once the design was formed, we collaborated with a private scent company to develop unique scents to be used for Favri Collection. We named our first scent '' The Mediterranean'' with upper notes of bergamot, cinnamon, clove, saffron, jasmine and lower notes of vanillin, amber, sandalwood.


This is the story behing our Favri collection, we hope you enjoyed reading it. Subscribe and follow us for more details on our collections and design collaborations.



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