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      Zaim Design Studio is a contemporary homeware brand that focuses on designing exceptional products inspired by past, present & future. ZDS is founded in 2017 and led by partners and spouses Melda & Hamit Kazancı. We are a family run start-up offering our own homeware product collections to customers directly and offer product design service to hospitality companies and exclusive residential projects.


      Our Beginning...

      The foundation of Zaim Design Studio goes back to 2009 when our founder Melda & Hamit Kazancı decided to form a brand to execute their collaborative design ideas while they were undergrads in industrial design. This collaboration idea evolved in time and allowed them to launch Zaim Design Consultancy & Trade Limited in 2014 Istanbul with the purpose of becoming a multi discipline design agency for businesses. Throughout the years of executing countless projects for local and international companies, they have decided to focus on what they are really passionate about “home-ware products”.

      In 2017, they have launched Zaim Design Studio brand focusing only on designing home-ware products and opened an e-commerce store in the following year to reach out & market their designs internationally. Click for more details.


      "Our aim is to enrich luxury lifestyle by designing contemporary products inspired from past, present & future".


      Our core 

      We have certain inspiration points that guide us in designing our collections which gives the identity to our brand. We research and learn the old cultures in the history, observe today’s lifestyle and habits, follow and assume the aesthetics and important values of future to become. Each product we design has a background of research inspired from these interlinked resources.




      Today we proudly offer more than 100 exclusive designs with various collections to our customers Worldwide and have the ability to fully execute home-ware design projects up to completion of manufacturing with our know-how, resources and established connections.


      Our Vision to Be

      "We envision to become one of the leading home-ware design companies that create inspirational, truly valued and authentic designs to be kept as a legacy for next generations."

      As we set sail to the international market and seek for growth; We believe, by designing every aspect of our products and manufacture the with the high quality traditional craftsmanship, we are confident to follow our vision to be.

      If you require more information about the company, please kindly email to mld@zaimdesignstudio.com.





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