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    We are a designer couple who research past, observe present and follow future.

    We immerse ourselves in the context of the World. Examine people’s behaviours and habits. Listen to their stories and thoughts.  Analyse their senses and feelings.

    We research and learn new & old cultures in history. Reveal and Expose them. Integrate them into our daily life through design. 

    We try to see the beauty of life. Focus on the detailed complexity and sit back to see the whole simplicity.



    The Value beneath our products

    We design high-quality products to last long and to pass on to other generations. This is the mindset of our design and manufacturing processes. We apply the most valuable manufacturing techniques on our products to reveal their true values. All products are hand-made by expert craftsmen, therefore, each product is unique to itself.




    Our Story


    The Beginning of ZDS goes way back to the meeting of two industrial design candidates Melda (Gul) Kazancı and Hamit H. Kazancı in Istanbul. These young colleagues who sat side by side by coincidence at first became friends then became spouses on their international journey of design. They travelled around the World, studied cultures, enjoyed and shared everything they saw and learned about design.
    Melda Kazancı is a designer with aesthetics mindset. She focuses on the emotional bonding between products and people. This pursuit allowed her to analyse forms and colour harmonies with various products to examine emotions. She worked for various home decoration and manufacturing firms, gained expertise especially in glass and other earth ware materials.
    On the other hand, Hamit H. Kazancı is a designer with a functional mindset. Yes, the rare perfectionist type that must tie design aspects into a scientific reason. This passion made him study contextual research in the U.S.  so he can apply advanced commercial research techniques to design new products. He also worked for various companies from furniture to non-profit organisations.
    Well, they always had the feeling they must work together. They decided to gather around global designers whom they worked before and launched Zaim Design Agency in 2014 in Istanbul where East and West cultures collide. After offering services to national and international businesses of all type.
    Besides working and inspiring business, they wanted their designs to touch and inspire people directly at first hand. They wanted to share the design ideas and inspirations. They wanted to make life more valuable and enjoyable through products people integrate into their daily life. Reveal the exclusivity and value of daily life. This idea is the core of their new brand ZAIM DESIGN STUDIO. Since 2018 Zaim Design Studio offers exclusive products to customers Worldwide.