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      As a contemporary home-ware design studio, we offer variety of design services for businesses and customers directly to offer design solutions to their needs. We know the requirement of being unique so we are here for you!

      We have been working with hospitality companies even before the launch of our brand and we understand the dynamic requirements of the hospitality sector. We are here for businesses committed to create the exclusive experience for their guests.




      Product Design Service

      If you want to have your own designed products. This is the general design service that we will offer you.
      This service begins with a commercial research and brand analysis for the integration of required design. It will continue with the ideation process where you will be presented with detailed sketches and computer aided designs. Once the final design is selected, We will finalize the designed product with technical drawings and prepare the required documentation for manufacturing. The length of the project will vary depending on the product design.


      " Low quantity manufacturing doesn’t have to be low quality or expensive. This problem can be solved by design."




      Product Manufacturing


      We can execute the manufacturing of your design just like we do our designs. This will take design execution stress out of your hands and guarantee the product will be made the way you want. We will be monitoring the whole process and make it ready for the shipment once the production is complete. Providing your business a peace of mind.







      Product Customization

      If you fell in love with our designs but want them to be customized to match your brand identity. We would be able to help you. We can apply CNC, laser & hand engravings and also change the material colors, coatings for you.



      Bespoke & Execution


      If you are looking for a very exclusive item with fine material finishes and low quantity manufacturing, We will be happy to assist you. Our bespoke service includes the research, design and manufacturing of your very exclusive items with precious and semi precious materials of your selection.


      Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests regarding to design & bespoke service.