with Zaim Design Studio



As a contemporary design studio, we provide an unified multi-disciplinary design service formed out of collaboration, combination of diverse design fields that aids us to offer bespoke solutions to achieve the full potential on design projects.

Ideation is the starting point of our unified design service, allowing us to create clean and feasible pathway towards reaching the scope of the design inquiry. In other
words Ideation process simply sets the foundation and the borders of the project.

 The process begins with a detailed scope analysis of the project. A strategic market research will be conducted to gather quantitative data regarding the subject. We will be conducting series of contextual, design researches to generate qualitative
insights that will lay the foundation of our designs.

The design process is the part where we unleash creativity guided by research to design and develop innovative solutions that aid towards the scope of the project.  

We will be designing and developing the best possible designs targeting the form, style and functionality that suits to your brand and appreciated by your target

Integration is the final and most vital part of our unified design service where we focus on the execution and perception of the final product in physical and digital.

 We will be testing, prototyping, manufacturing and publishing the designs along with gathering feedback from target demographics and analytic sources to update designs.

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