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      The foundations of Zaim Design Studio goes back to 2009 when Melda (Gul) and Hamit H. Kazancı were studying industrial design. They had the idea of opening a design brand to show their home-ware and furniture designs to sell. That year was the first official registration of Zaim Design Studio was made.
      Old Logo of Zaim

      After graduation, they started working on various companies to gain expertise and resources. Melda followed a path in glassware design and started working for one of the leading glassware companies in Turkey, successfully designed more than 40 designs from glass made serve-wares to luxury handmade stemware. Hamit on the other hand decided to work as a freelance for various firms including furniture design, stationary design, interior architecture to non-profit organisations.

      In 2014, They decided to join up again and established Zaim Design Consultancy & Trade Ltd. with a mission to become a multi-discipline design agency. They offered graphic design, web, service, interface design solutions and design consultancy to local and international businesses.


      Zaim Design Agency Logo

      Throughout the upcoming years, the major workflow of the Zaim Design Agency started revolving around the product design sectors especially home-ware. This situation allowed them to gain deep manufacturing and design expertise in home-ware sector.

      In time they felt the need to narrow down their services and focus on what they feel and do best. They narrowed their design services to product design field only where they love working over.

      The idea of working for businesses, executing projects for other brands was great but this situation kept them putting forward their own designs. They wanted to start what they have planned in 2009, create their own designs under their own brand. It took about a year for that sparking idea to become a passionate flame.

      Zaim Design Studio Logo

      In 2017, after a year of hard work of transformation of company, designing and manufacturing new collections, Zaim Design Studio was launched with 40 new designs.

      After receiving good publicity from the local market, They have decided to launch their e-commerce store on 2018 to access international markets and still continuing to design new collections.